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Bronze Kuan Yin Kwan Ying Statue Figure Deity Chinese Goddess of Compassion

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Kuan Yin,Guanyin or Quan Yin, alone among Buddhist gods, is loved rather than feared and is the model of Chinese beauty. Regarded by the Chinese as the goddess of mercy, she was originally male until the early part of the 12th century and has evolved since that time from her prototype, Avalokiteshvara, "the merciful lord of utter enlightment," an Indian bodhisattva who chose to remain on earth to bring relief to the suffering rather than enjoy for himself the ecstasies of Nirvana.

  • Museum quality original sculptures with exquisite detail.
  • Approx Dimension: 5.75 x 3.4 x 8.5 inches
  • Designer Sculpted in quality resin and hand polished
  • Great decor piece for any indoor and garden