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Celtic Mythology Morrigan Battle Crow Goddess of Death Strife Battle and Incarnation Collectible Figurine 10.75 Inch

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Morrigan is one of the pivotal characters in Celtic (Irish) Mythology. She is the Goddess of Death, Strife, Battle and Incarnation. Morrígan is primarily associated with fate, especially with foretelling doom and death in battle. In this role she appears as a crow, flying above the battlefield. The Morrígan has thus been likened to the Valkyries of Norse mythology and Norns of Germanic mythology. She is also associated with sovereignty, and her connection with cows may also suggest an association with wealth and the land.. This collectible is cast in designer cold cast bronze resin and hand polished. Excellent craftsmanship

  • Great detail and intricate craftsmanship, sculpted in high quality resin and hand polished
  • Approximate Dimension: 5.25 x 4.25 x 9.5 Inches
  • Goddess of Death, Strife, Battle and Incarnation
  • Great gift for any celtic mythology collectible