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Hindu God Ganesha Stick Incense Holder Cold Cast Bronze 10 Inch Length

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Measuring 3.5 inches tall and 10 inches long, this Hindu lord Ganesha Incense Holder is superbly detailed, very intricate for its size. This little incense holder is great on your desk, altar, or as a gift for any occasion. Ganesha is the beloved Hindu god whose protection will grant success, prosperity and overall good fortune as he removes obstacles in your life.
  • Measures approximately 10" L and 3.5" H
  • Hand-cast using real crushed stone bonded with high quality designer resin
  • Each piece is individually hand polished by our artisans
  • Great gift item for Hindu religious item collector
  • Ganesha is the Hindu God of Success and Remover of Obstacles, Great on an altar, living room display, or as a personal companion piece