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Pactrade Marine Black Stern Navigation Light Waterproof 2 Nautical Miles

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Waterproof IP66 rating
Voltage: 12VDC
Festoon light construction
Wattage: 10W
Color Temperature: 5500-6300K
For boats up to 12M
Dimensions: 3" by 2 1/2"
Beam angle" 135 degrees

Lighting rule of thumb;

  • Stern lights are white and shine aft and 67.5° forward on each side. (Thus, the side lights and stern light create a full circle of light.)
  • All-round lights are white and shine through 360°.
  • Masthead lights are white and shine from 112.5° on the port side through dead ahead to 112.5° on the starboard side. They must be above the side lights.
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