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US Army Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Death 1775 Military Challenge Coin Double Sided 2 Inch Diameter Pewter Lead Free

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  • Product Dimensions: 2 inch diameter x 4mm thickness coin
  • Intricately sculpted with deep 3D relief and metallic accents 
  • Comes with Protection cover 
  • Made of high quality, lead free zinc oxide pewter 
  • Great gift for any military challenge coin collector

American is long on Freedom and short on those that would take it away! This US Army Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Death 1775 Coin was designed specifically to convey this message and ensure the message and loud and clear. The hatchets of Freedom will tell you that anything in the hand of a Freedom loving Americans is enough (and a burning love for country) and will send enemies reeling back across the seas and oceans in which they came. This is a country of Patriots and they enforce the US Constitution and will enforce its will. 2 inches of hardened military challenge coin with skulls and hatchets and a look of conviction.